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Rev. Dave Kelsey

Rev. Dave Kelsey

IAOG General Secretary Canada


Greetings to you in the precious name of Jesus. We pray God’s strength and peace be on you and operate through you to accomplish all He desires for you and your ministry. We are living in unprecedented times, but God’s Word says (Isa. 9:2)  ‘the people walking in darkness have seen a great light.’ We are praying for revival for Canada. We pray that our churches become like the church in the book of Acts. If we can be assistance to you let us know. Blessings.

 With You Every Step of The Way

A Fellowship Of Ministers And Churches United In Spiritual Fellowship With Sovereign, Self-Governed Churches


Providing a spiritual covering for Five Fold Ministers

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The Canadian Mantle

Important news messages and exhortation for the times we are living in

Prayer Warriors Unite

Praying for one another and our nation with many resources available

Our Vision

The uniqueness of IAOGI CANADA is its conviction of the sovereignty of the local church.

We are eager for Mighty Holy Spirit to have an instrument which is flexible in the “hands of our Lord” during this critical time of history. We envision a continued outpouring of the Spirit of God, breathing life and resurrection into His own body. It is imperative that ministers and churches are able to follow through on the mandate given by God without interference from an ecclesiastical hierarchy.
For this we have been born!

Our Leadership

Rev. Dave Kelsey

General Secretary

Rev. Yvon Stabili

Assistant General Secretary

Rev. Jack Skafte

Secretary Treasurer

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