Credential Renewal

Form 3 – Application For Credential Renewal

This form must be filled by the Applicant and Sponsoring Pastor.
We highly recommend that to take time to complete the form together on a computer.
Please note that this form is one of three forms that must be completed and sent along with your payment and recent picture.

Questions about Form #3? Please contact your Regional Secretary here.

This form is to be filled in annually by all Commissioned Christian Workers, and Ministers who are Licensed or Ordained.
Failure to fill in and return and renew annually will result in your credentials being revoked.
Form 3 must be returned to the Canadian Office before Renewal will be considered.

Application for Credential Renewal - Form #3 (step 1 of 2)

Are you over the age of 75 years?

Marital Status

Credential you hold?

Are you in active ministry?

Do you find it necessary to subsidize your income with secular work?

Does the reason for your original credential Commissioned Christian Worker, License or Ordination still apply?

Do you have a Provincial Certificate to perform marriages?

Please supply a photo of yourself. You can email it to [email protected] or send it by regular mail.

Validation (Applicant)

Validation (Sponsoring Pastor)

Validation (Sponsoring Church Secretary)

A Renewal fee of $210.00 should accompany this form. If the request is late, an additional late fee of $30 is required. In the event that the application is not accepted, the fee will be returned in full. It is expected that the applicant will conscientiously answer all questions and if the circumstances have changed so that the candidate no longer requires credentials, that the applicant will frankly say so.

If financial hardship is a factor in not returning the application the candidate may confidentially write the General Secretary for special consideration. Failure to renew annually will result in your credentials being revoked.

*Also available for download here.