Ministry of Compassion

A Biblical way of ministering to a loved one…

A Biblical way of ministering to a loved one with a gift of condolence in time of need. The ministry of compassion functions to collect gifts of money from participating members to give to the beneficiaries named by the participating member who has died.

This form can be filled by the Applicant only.
This form is not mandatory. We highly recommend you take time to complete the form together (Applicant and Primary Beneficiary) on a computer. Please note that this form must be accompanied by its one-time application fee of $20.
Future contributions can also be paid using the payment system available on this page.

Questions about the Ministry of Compassion? Please contact your Regional Secretary here.

Ministry of Compassion Registration Form

Terms & Conditions

I am hereby certifying that I understand the above-noted.

*Also available for download here.

Fee: $20 (One time)

(If possible please send $60 in advance per year so we have the money in advance and we do not have to worry if you are away on vacation or on a mission trip, etc.)

*Payment for Ministry of Compassion only.

*Payment must be made in Canadian Dollars (CAD) and must be received in full along with all necessary document(s) properly completed (Ministry of Compassion Registration Form) in order to provide a valid application. This system may also be used for future contributions. Subject to change without prior notice. Certain conditions may apply.