New Applicants

Fees $250*

Application Fee: $210
Processing Fee: $40

*In the event the Applicant is not approved the Application Fee will be refunded. Prices are in CAD. Subject to change without notice.

Guidelines and Principles for Sponsoring Pastors

Before beginning the process of licensing and ordination take the time to pray and seek the Lord for His direction.

These Forms must accompany applications for credentials!

  • Form #1
  • Requirements for CCW, Licensing and Ordination (take note that all documentation listed on this form is included especially taking note of 3 letters of recommendation and the bottom section which includes two questions from the sponsoring church)
  • Doctrinal questionnaire (required only for Licensing and Ordination)
Please visit this page for our Statement of Faith, Statement of Ministerial Ethics and our Policy on Divorce and Remarriage.
Section 1 – Preparation
  • Refresh yourself on the Constitution and Bylaws of the IAOG (Canada) so that you can be well informed 
  • Ensure that you are current with Provincial guidelines regarding licenses to marry & interment, as well as any other governing documentation that may affect the ministry, such as T-4’s, T 3010’s etc. Please keep in mind that amendments to these documents take place frequently. 
  • Qualify your candidate by close adherence to scriptural texts that relate to ministers and leadership
Section 2 – The Candidate
  • Ensure that all appropriate paperwork has been correctly filled out. If the candidate is currently residing in Canada and is NOT a Canadian citizen, copies of ALL documentation regarding their current status must accompany the application. 
  • It is mandatory to obtain a Vulnerable Persons Police check from your local Police Dept. (different provinces have different requirements especially for those who work with children) 
  • Please meet with your Regional Secretary or contact them by phone or a Zoom call  PRIOR to sending in your application, and ensure that the Regional Secretary receives the documentation and signs Form # 1. 
Section 3 – Follow-up
  • The paperwork will be mailed directly to the Sponsoring Pastor. It is up to the candidate and the Sponsoring Pastor to set a date for commissioning and should they desire the Regional Secretary or General Secretary to be present it should be remembered that the Sponsoring Pastor is the Licensing/Ordaining minister. 
  • The responsibility of care, prayer, discipline and follow-up is first to the Sponsoring Pastor. If that member is not serving in the local church of the Sponsoring Pastor due to the nature of the calling (i.e. missionary) annual reports should be gathered to support that person’s ministry. 
  • Please ensure that the General Secretary and your Regional Secretary is up to date with the member's contact information.

Here is what you’ll need

These are necessary documents and fees
every new applicant must provide

Application for Credentials

Form #1 – To be completed by
Sponsoring Pastor and Applicant


Doctrinal Questionnaire

To be completed by Applicant


Requirements for commissioned Christian worker, licensing and ordination

To be completed by Applicant and Applicant Church



The Application Fee is $210 plus a one time $40 processing fee for a total of $250.


Frequently Asked Questions 

How much time does it takes to recieve an answer about my application?
Time for New Applicant process is dependent on many factors like Police check or Credit check, but will also largely depend on the number of New Applicant request we have to process.

We are committed to ensure quality of our Christian Commissioned Workers, Licensed and Ordained Ministers, and we equitably take the needed time to process every request we receive. If we have any questions for you, or if some documents are missing, we will contact you and your Sponsoring Pastor to the contact information provided into your Form #1.

When is the payment taken?

Payment for New Applicants is taken at the moment you complete the payment process using PayPal.

If you sent by mail your application using our .pdf forms, including a cheque for the total amount, it will be processed when received.

What happens if my application is not approved?

In the event your application is not approved, the Application Fee will be refunded, but not the Processing Fee.

If I have more questions, who should I contact?

In the event you have any questions, we recommend you speak with your Sponsoring Pastor, they will probably have the answer you seek. It’s the most effective way.

In the event they are unable to answer your question, they may also contact their Regional Secretary and come back to you.