Establishing A Prayer Team:

  The Vision of this “Prayer Initiative” is to inspire and encourage the bringing of prayer to the heart of all mission and ministry. The ideal is that prayer saturates every aspect of ministry and every decision that needs to be made is bathed in prayer.

  To achieve that, it is our desire to see Prayer Teams established at the local level - in the church and in the Ministry organization.

  Often the mention of teams suggests that a church or ministry needs to be a certain size before they can participate. This is not true! Teams can be as small as two or as large as a dozen.

  We all know that in a smaller group, the work is either simply divided by the number of people available and one person does several functions; or the work becomes focused only on certain aspects of the ministry. We also know that dividing the workload with others allows an individual to continue without burnout and being overwhelmed by the task assigned.

  A church or ministry that wants to become a “House of Prayer” or a body that places prayer at the heart of the ministry usually occurs in one of two ways: either the Pastor or leadership desires this to occur and takes steps to appoint someone to lead this, or an individual is moved by God to begin the process. We will be addressing both of these starts to a “House of Prayer” ministry.

  Remember, there is never just one way to do things! What works in one setting may not in another. These are principles and guidelines but they must be adapted to each situation, a situation you have the best knowledge of and can therefore adapt any suggested ways and methods to fit the needs.