Introductory Study

Beginning the Christian Life - 1 - Introductory Study

Scripture reading: Matthew 7:24-27 and Luke 6:46-49

We cannot overestimate the importance of a sound foundation. If a building is to be useful, sturdy, and permanent, it must have a solid base. This is one of those facts with which everyone agrees. Wherever men erect building they must pay attention to the foundations. Since this is something understood by all men, God has used it to teach us Divine truth. A foundation supports a building. Each part of the building depends on the foundation. The Bible speaks of our lives as buildings and tells us the kind of foundation upon which they must be built. The bible also speaks of our lives as buildings and tells us the kind of foundation upon which they must be built. The Bible also speaks of the Church as a building, and tells us the kind of foundation upon which it must be built. We are going to study about the personal foundation which each of us must have if we are to build lives that are sound.


The Parable of The Two Houses (Matthew 7:24-27; Luke 6:46-49)

1. What constitutes a sound life? (vs.47)

a) "Whosoever cometh to Me"

b) "Heareth my sayings"

c) "Doeth them"

2. Can one hear and not do? (vs.46)

a) "Ye call me Lord, Lord"

b) "Ye DO NOT the things which I say"

c) "This is KNOWING the Word and NOT DOING IT!"

3. What is a man like who hears and does the Word? (vs.48a)

a) "Like a man which built a house"

b) "Digged deep"

c) "Laid the foundation on a rock"

d) "He 'digged deep'." He removed everything between him and the Rock, made sure that he was on solid footing.

4. Why must the house be built "on rock"?

a) "The flood arose, the stream beat vehemently upon that house"

b) It is the nature of life to be stormy! (Hebrews 12:25-29)

c) Nobody escapes the storms.

5. What happened to the house "on rock"? (vs.48b)

a) The storm "could shake it"

b) "For it was FOUNDED UPON A ROCK!"

c) There will be storms in your Christian life, but if you are hurting and doing the work of God, the storm cannot shake you.

6. What is the danger in building our lives? (vs.49)

a) "He that heareth, and DOETH NOT!"


c) "Built upon the earth"

7. What happens to the house without foundation? (vs.49b)

a) "The stream did beat vehemently" (same storm)

b) "Immediately it fell:"

c) "The ruin of that house was great

8. What did the Apostles Teach about our personal foundation?


a) "Repentance from dead works"

b) "Faith toward God"

c) "The doctrine of baptisms"

d) "Laying on of hands"

e) "Resurrection of the dead"

f) "Eternal judgement"

NOTE: We cannot "go on unto perfection" unless these foundation stones are rightly laid. This is why so many Christians do not grow and mature. Their foundation is not sound. Once the foundation is properly laid we must then "go on".

SUMMARY: The Christian must have a good foundation if he is going to build a good house. The foundation must be laid according to the Architect's plan. We have this plan in the Bible. In the following studies we are going to carefully consider the things which must be in the foundation.